M      I      T  Business School
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It will be a decade of education with imagination. There will be emphasis on enhancing the Intellectual Capital of the institute. This will benefit students and faculty members and will greatly contribute to the future prospects of our state and country in turn

Towards this the institute will: -

1-target to attract high-achieving students at all levels.

2-undergraduate, graduate and doctoral. -retain and attract high-quality researchers as faculty.-

3-initiate programmes to continuously enhance the Intellectual Capital of the faculty members.-

4-endeavour to become a recognized center of high level technological research and learning in the country.


The mission of institute will be to provide every opportunity for each student to attain the best of their capabilities and create in them the desire to excel. The seeds for the craving for excellence would be sown in the minds of the students as soon as they enter the portals of the institute. Thus MIT Business School will act as a catalyst in creating excellence in technical education. The reach for excellence would also ensure fin our mission to serve the society by producing dedicated professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills capable of providing imaginative and technologically informed solutions to industry, academia and other professions.

Vision & Mission